Our Services

Dry cleaning -Your best clothes look best!  Lori-Al Cleaners uses the finest equipment and pays attention to quality and detail.  We’re proud of our dry cleaning.  Every crease will be perfect, every spot will be gone and your clothes will smell fresh, clean and perfect!  Your whites will be WHITE, not gray like other cleaners!

Household Goods - Draperies, table linens, sleeping bags and bedding.  You  bring it and we clean it.  We’ll make your items look and feel new again.

Comforters - When you wash them at home, they never come out quite right.  We have the right equipment and experience to make your comforter fresh, clean and soft.

Leather and Suede Cleaning - Because of their texture, leather and suede are the most difficult materials to clean.  We use fine conditioners and cleaners to gently remove dirt, leaving your leather and suede materials soft and supple.  Leather and suede take extra time and care to clean, but the results are worth the effort! We also clean purses and shoes as well.

Weaving - By precisely adding fabric to repair holes, delicately weaving the fabric to match the surrounding material, holes and imperfections are made perfect again.  The ultimate repair, completed at Lori-Al Cleaners by demanding craftsmen.

Stain Removal - Our specialty!  Our owner knows stains.  Jay has so much training and experience with stain removal, he has been teaching his skills for years to others in the business.  From the easiest to the most difficult stains, send your stained garments and other items to Lori-Al Cleaners…we’ll make them look like new!

Tailoring and Alterations -Has that nice suit gotten a little too snug around the waistline?  Come to Lori-Al Cleaners where our master tailors will let it out, take it in, or do anything in-between.

Wedding gowns, Christening Outfits and other heirlooms cleaned and preserved.  Some garments have special, sentimental meaning for their owners.  That’s why we take extra care cleaning and preserving your family’s most-cherished items.  We also specialize in antique gowns, making them look white and new again.

We also offer:

  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Shoe Repair
  • Luggage Repair
  • Leather and Suede repairs


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